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“The support staff is so responsive, always available and incredibly patient. They answered all my question promptly and converted me into a happy customer. My Shopify store is now so much faster. Went from an embarrassing speed score of 44 on desktop and 23 on mobile to over 90 within a day.”

Isabela Cardoso

Beauty & Wellness Influencer


“Working with Rapidler was awesome. I’ve had a difficult time getting the help I needed with my website until I reached out to them. As soon as I did, it was obvious they were the right team for the job. They have far exceeded my expectations on increasing my website speed and grade on GTMetrix. Thank you.”

Rayan Jacobs

Outdoor Clothing Store


“We were struggling with our website’s performance and load time. It was time to seek some help! Rapidler’s service was fantastic. They are prompt, efficient, and deliver what they promise. They even offered me tips to maintain our optimization, which I greatly appreciated!!”

Jacob Conley

Flower & Bouquet Shop

“It is a pleasure working with Rapidler! They are so communicative and effective. They try to help you in any way they can and they know how to get the job done. No doubt I will hire them again soon! Thanks for the help, Rapidler!”

Taylor Bartell

Luxury Clothing Brand


“So happy that I found Rapidler. I was having LCP issues and a few other issues with my site. Rapidler chat responded very quickly, fixed my issues on time, and even gave me some pro-tips to make sure that I would not have issues again. I would give 10 stars if I could.”

Andrew Le Fanu

Cameras & Accessories Store

“I really enjoyed working with Rapidler. They exceeded my expectations and were very professional and knowledgeable about Shopify. Highly recommend them for your store optimization.”

Louis Michiels

Online Art Gallery

“Service was timely. Page-speed insights have demonstrated improvement. Overall, it is a good value for the speed optimization service provided by Rapidler.”

Lilly Kane

Home & Kitchen Appliances


“I finally found a Shopify wizard! Working together with Rapidler, we took an underperforming site (GTMetrix – D, PageSpeed Insights – mid50s) and returned excellent results despite the drawbacks of my large theme.”

Jorja Grandi

Natural Skincare Products

“Rapidler really improved my site speed. It was previously a D site, and now it has become an A site on GTMetrix. I highly recommend them; I can’t thank them enough!”

Christian Brunault

Fitness Equipment Dealer

“Very happy with the results of the website! Rapidler team was very communicative and delivered in a timely manner. Will be using their services for long time!”

Elizabeth Harber

Bespoke Suit Retailer


“Great service, the speed of my site has improved significantly. I can’t be more happy with the result. Rapidler is a great professional service and really delivers on their promise. I’ve worked with a lot of speed optimization services, but it’s a first for me that technical capability and customer service are THIS good. Will stay subscribed for sure!”

Philomena Bultmann

Gourmet Chocolates Seller

“Rapidler completely solved my problem of an extremely slow shopify website. I was pulling out my hair trying to figure out what the problem was on my own. It was a great decision to take the trial with them and have them solve the problem within days. Thank you, Rapidler!”

Jeremie Reinhardt

Vinyls & Records Store


“I am very impressed by the work of Rapidler! They pushed my store speed far more than promised! My Shopify speed score was at 25, and now it’s 85. Same or even better are the tests at the Google Insights speed. Thank you very much.”

Olga Suomi

Clothing Boutique


“Absolutely loved working with Rapidler. They are polite, quick to respond, and deliver absolute excellent work. They gave me some tips too to keep the performance of my store as good as it is now (which is absolutely great). Absolutely recommend Rapidler”

Erik Dresner

Small-Scale Furniture Store

“Great app for shopify speed improvement. Fixed a lot of performance issues and now my store is blazing fast. The turn around is exceptional and the support is best I have ever seen. Happy Buyer!!”

Alex Turner

Rare Comic Book Seller


“Great service! Would absolutely recommend Rapidler to others. They increased the speed of my website by huge numbers in just under 24 hours. Communication is great, fast replies in chat. I am amazingly impressed and satisfied by Rapidler’s impact. Outstanding speed optimization service for such a low price.”

Sienna Edwards

Art Supply Retailer


“Second order with Rapidler, and they are clearly the best! Smooth discussion, exceptional work. I recommend them to anyone who wants a fast and optimized shopify website. Great job, Rapidler! I am 100% satisfied with my purchase.”

Kate Walker

Health and Wellness Products

“Wow, what a great experience with Rapidler! The service was excellent, and the speed improvement was absurdly impressive. Thanks to their hard work, my Lighthouse and Speed Insights scores have both increased to 90+. I highly recommend this service and will definitely use it again in the future if needed.”

Mollie Watson

Baby Products Supplier


“Shopify score (in Shopify platform backend) went from 24 to 70 after a few days of the task being completed. Google PSI also jumped tremendously to the 90’s, and GTMetrix was exceptional. Very happy with the result and would definitely recommend Rapidler. “

Liam Morrison

Auto Parts Seller


“My website was at a low performance on Google Page Speed before getting Rapidler. They pulled through on their word, and overnight the website jumped from 39 to 89-page speed score on desktop and 34 to 87 on mobile. However, the Shopify speed score will take some time as mentioned by Rapidler guys, so look forward to seeing these results in the next couple of days.”

Patrick Millar

Electronics Retailer

“Wow, I’m incredibly impressed with the work Rapidler has done on my Shopify website! They have truly exceeded my expectations, and I can already feel the impact on my website’s speed. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to improving my online business. “

Andre Kooiker

Online Eyewear Store

“I was very pleased with the service. My Shopify Store was at a 22 speed score and now it’s 80. I received a detailed report with the loading times on different devices as well. Very happy!”

Rawan Marijnissen

Woman Knitwear Boutique

“I highly recommend. They were professional, communicative, and improved my store’s loading speed significantly. Their expertise, attention to detail, and helpful suggestions truly set them apart. If you want to optimize your Shopify store to the highest standards, look no further!”

Leon Klug

High-end Watch Merchant

“I’m really impressed with how fast Rapidler did it! The results are even better than expected. Thank you again, Rapidler. You saved me a lot of time and effort! Recommend 100%.”

Luke Connolly

Sports Memorabilia Seller

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