Whitelabel Reseller

We are excited to offer you the opportunity to become whitelabel reseller of our cutting-edge Shopify speed optimization service.

White Label Benefits:

  •  Tiered Discounts: As part of our commitment to foster and support a thriving business relationship, we offer an attractive tiered discount structure over retail pricing to our Whitelabel resellers. You will get custom discount coupon codes based on your tier.

    1. Upto 100 Subscriptions –  20% OFF
    2. Upto 200 Subscriptions – 30% OFF
    3. Over 300 Subscriptions – 40% OFF

  • Delegated Collaborator Access: We do not request collaborator access for whitelabel orders. You can delegate access to us from your own Shopify partner account.

  • Generic CDN Server: We use generic CDN domains to serve speed optimizations for all our standard whitelabel resellers. No Rapidler branding is visible to your clients. Standard whitelabel access incur a maintainance fee of USD 100 per year.

  • Branded CDN Server: We also offer premium whitelabel with branded CDN setup (subject to availability). The domain and CDN servers are registered and maintained by Rapidler on your behalf. Premium whitelabel access incur a maintainance fee of USD 2,500 per year.


Terms and Conditions:

  • Partnership Agreement: As a whitelabel reseller, you agree to promote and sell Rapidler’s service under your own brand name. You take on the responsibility to collect payments, provide first-level customer support and maintain the reputation of the service, while we assure total back-end support and service maintenance.

  • Privacy and Confidentiality: We assure you our total nondisclosure regarding your clientele and their details. In return, we expect you to uphold the same level of confidentiality regarding the use of our technology.

  • Pricing: You have complete flexibility to determine your own pricing while reselling our Shopify speed optimization service to your clients.

  • Payment Terms: Payments for the service will be made to us by you, the reseller, as per the agreed pricing tier for each individual subscription.

  • Service Updates: We continually upgrade our platform to provide the best service to your customers. Information regarding any significant updates will be communicated to you in a timely manner.

  • Termination Policy: Should you wish to leave the whitelabel reseller program, please contact us on partners@rapidler.com


Join Rapidler’s Whitelabel Reseller Program and experience extraordinary growth opportunities.

Whitelabel Reseller Access

Standard Whitelabel - $100 / year

Generic CDN Server

Premium Whitelabel - $2,500 / year

Branded CDN Server